Friday, November 26, 2010

Stop Child Abuse


Do you know that children have rights too?

Based Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC),each children have rights where similar with every being in the world has.They are still human like we are.

Basically child abuse is not limit to physical abuse but more such as Emotional Abuse ,Sexual abuse and neglect.


I heard this story about a little girl where her parents are always fighting all the time at home.The little girl has been through it all the time and sometimes she is caught in the middle of everything.As being part of the violence. She has no one to talk to about her problems. Even when she goes to school,she get scolded by the teacher in school about everything she does.

This is a sign.Don’t take it for granted.

The little girl was assign to do an essay ,she are always writing about violence stories ,drawing evil picture and more.This is how she try to communicate with the teacher.However ,the teacher don't get her point or what she wants to tell inside.All the things that the teacher could see is that she is in the act of violence and rebellious.

The teacher punished the little girl on top of what she went through. Do you think it is fair?. She is just trying to express her current situation through her pictures and essay.That is the only way she was able to express because she is not strong enough to speak out or inform the authorities.She even do not know her rights.

What her teacher did is just to punish her again and again.The teacher can’t she the picture of it.She is trying to express her feeling through the essay but the teacher see other wise.

The next day,the girl did not come to school and the teacher wonder.Out of no where,a policeman came to the school.It is not that the teacher is being reported or anything but just to inform the teacher about something.

The policeman is there to inform the teacher that the girl has suicide after suffering too much.She can’t handle the pressure where there is a limit to everything.The teacher finally realize that,she has been through a rough road and even the teacher can’t understand the discourse of all her essays written and pictures drawn.

Finally,the teacher cried and said “Just wish i knew”

*Its a true story but i can’t find the book or story anywhere.

No matter what,i just dont want to see any forms of child abuse.They are still human but why are they treated differently?

I Solely Raise my hand to Support “The stop of Child Abuse”.

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