Monday, May 19, 2014

Experience many times but one time is enough

In our daily life, there will be ups and down.

Friends comes & go.

You may experience something that one person doing it wrong towards you.

You can either starts Assuming or just let it be.

Assuming makes you wonder and your mind will start thinking more of the negative stuff rather then the positive.

Thanks for the guy that told me this, if you assume,

You are making an  [Ass] out of [U] and [Me]


It is definitely true . Why assume when you can ask?

On top of that,everything happens for a reason.

You may wonder what does my title means.

It is referring to one actions that is done towards a person.

You maybe doing something wrong towards the person over and over again but you will never notice  it till it happens back to you. When it hits back to you,  you will start having disappointments and dissatisfaction towards the person.

But did you look back at the mirror or even sit down and think?


Why make enemies?

When you start telling your friends about the person you dislike or even hate, your friends will definitely side you. A MATURE PERSON or even friends will listen to the other party become coming with a win win solution. MATURE person wont take sides. 


As said, everything happens for a reason.

LIFE IS SHORT,ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST. [Rather than keeping hate inside]

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