Saturday, November 20, 2010

Case of the Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy by TGV


Welcoming to all Sherlock Holmes and friends!

Your time has come to show your investigative skills!


The key to the safe that allows the movie to be show has been stolen!

Look at the statement release regarding the issue!


Alert to all Malaysians!

Please help to help find  out where is the keys and who is the culprit that did it!

The person that were able to solve the case! They will be heftily rewarded!tron_img1

TGV Cinemas and partners are giving out A Private Screening Hall for any movie + a Panasonic 50” 3DTV and many other attractive prizes to the ones who manage to solve the case.

To obtain clues on the case please visit   TGV Cinemas’ Facebook page –

So lets make a move to save the movie for all and send the culprit TO JAIL! =p


Are you?

This is what you will miss if no one could find the keys!

Trailer of Tron Legacy! Enjoy!

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