Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Magical Journey

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The world that i would love to explore in the world of Narnia is the dragon Island where it is a island located far from The Lone Islands. Its known that the island consists of a hidden treasure which is the Dragon treasure. Chances are that if you found the treasure,you will be turned into a dragon or be killed by one.


I would love to become a dragon. With a wide wings ,I could fly freely like a bird and burn evil people or the people i hate with flame thrower! haha!


Just look at that! How cute is that? Remember the dragon “Toothless” from the movie How to train your dragon.

Cute is it?

Don’t you agree with me?

For me,i prefer staying as a dragon where i could fly to where ever i wants without needing to queue and wait for boarding.


The adventure start where one fine day,i am dreaming about dragon after i watch the movie How to train your dragon where i am amazed with it.especially the dragon toothless. When i woke up,i just sigh where everything is just a dream where i am falling back to my old routine.

Unexpected when i want to wash up to get ready ,i open the tap of water and the water come rushing out non-stop till it created an OCEAN! I was like,WTH? Is it 2012 already? that fast! ,did i went to the future?  I am stunned and puzzle with whatever that just happens.


I am trying to struggle my way out to safety but the wave is too strong where i have been sweep away! In the process of me being swept away,i fainted. I was washed up to the shore of an island without any idea where am i.



All i could see is that there are a lot of trees which made up a forest and streams that purify the whole island.Without any idea where am i,i started walking around to find for clue about my whereabout. I keep walking and walking and there is no one to be found. All i could see is that there are a lot of goats wandering around which made me wonder how did all these goats get here.

rivers_and_streams forest wallpaper21

Suddenly i heard a voice saying Hi! i was scratching my head wondering who is the one that is talking to me? i look right and left,Up and down,In and out but there is no one around. it is starting to get creepy. All i could see is a cute little goat looking at me one kind .


Then the goat speaks again and say “ What the Hell you are doing here” ?

I replied that i am lost and i ask it where am I?

The goat answers that i am in the dragon Island where legend says that anyone that could find the dragon treasure will be able to be a dragon. I wonder how could that be. The only way for me to go out of this island is to become a dragon.

It may be a crazy idea but what choice do i have.It maybe hard to find the treasure but i am determine to find it.

The goat gave me a hint that the treasure could be somewhere inside a cave nearby. I went into the cave and start searching for the treasure.It takes me one whole day just to find it. (Straight to the point! ) XD3538

haha!. When i touch the treasure box,i turned into a dragon! Surprisingly! =p


I started flying up and down! Aimlessly which the feeling is the best! The feeling of freedom where the breeze of fresh wind in the air.Running trough my face and the sound of the ocean.

Suddenly,the water level going higher and higher


I have no choice but to fly as high as possible but the water level still rising until i am totally drowned underwater!drowning2-1


Suddenly i heard voices! From soft to LOUD saying that “ Oi! What are you doing? Did you fall asleep with your head in the toilet bowl?”

Then i realize that everything is just a dream! Sigh! Back to my daily routine again! LOL! haha!



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