Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

Wow! Its has been quite sometime !

From Toy Story one! to Toy Story 2!

I also Watched Toy STORY 1 and 2 in 3D ! Awesome!

In Toy Story 3! New characters there is!

Cant wait to catch it!


There you go a picture of the new characters available in the 3rd Episode!

Cant wait to see Peas-In-A-Pod.! Its cute!

And also Ken when he meets barbie! LOL.



Cant wait!


And don't miss the Legends!

That makes episode 1 and 2 so successful!


It will be an Adventure of a lifetime.

Hope it will be out in 3D! weee! Live ON!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 13 My Wiggy Design


Here is my weird design hope it is nice but it is simple! But the pointing top is mean the signal which always going up and not down!

Its simple buy quite cool! Why must a logo or symbol to be so funky?

Simple and nice could make everyone remember in their minds.

Should have a catchy tune to go with it!

One best thing about wiggy is that,it could be used anywhere anytime!

It is quite convenient for mobility,moving around while doing our work!

Good for student and working adults.

Below is the episode of 33 to 35 do view it. It have really funny stuff in it. Do enjoy viewing it.

Episode 33

Up-close and personal with a real tiger with Shaolin Tiger himself!

What happens when both meet… CLOSE.

Episode 34

Farewell party! Sob sob! Bye!!  Ky Speak,Shaolin Tiger,Cheesie and more are in the video!

Episode 35

Ninie Ahmad! Share her secrets! On her Boyfriend! lol!

Watch and you will know more!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Project Alpha season 2! Why is football will works together well with Adidas??

Football is a game where everyone knows.It bring everyone together! Everyone shares the same goal when it come to football!

With Adidas! They have sponsored football which makes everything completes! They have created a lot of products such as the deodorant,football clothes and more!

It makes the whole football experience complete !

Enjoy the latest Episodes 29-32 of Project Alpha Season 2!


Episode 29

Shaolin Tiger is in the house! With this episode,you could get to know more about Shaolin Tiger’s Wife! Want to know the inside? Watch this episode and know more.

Episode 30

Want more tips of handling animals and more knowledge about animals that are in the zoo? Dont miss out on this episode! See the Top bloggers handles the animals ! BEWARE! Snake is included!

Episode 31

KY speaks,Chessie! They are in the video.One common thing that KY have with the snake is that he is born in the year of the rat! This will be interesting! See how he handles the snake!

Episode 32

Haha! Tiger is in the house! In this episode ! You could see Real TIgers! but not life! But that is the closet you could get unless you could go into the wild and find! Beware! Dun get BITEN!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

P.A.S.2-Week 12 (a)-Who Will Win the World Cup?

World cup i presume,it would be brazil or France.

I could not make my decision!

Help me!!.


Argentina is quite good too with Lionnel messi!

Errm,Final choice could be France.

They are kind of consistent when it come to football!

However,there is once where Henry use his hand to deflect the ball into goal

and it is allowed.Its kind of fake. But the referee decision is final and no one will be able to override that

Hope this World cup,it will be a fair play game !



Watch all 3 episode of Season 3.

Featuring Shaolin tiger!


Episode 26

haha! Monkeys also Enjoy having Adidas deodorant!

Episode 27

Cheesie making friend with snake! Watch and enjoy!

Wanna know what happen? watch it and u will know!

Episode 28

Wow.Dinner with a wide variety of delicious food.

Don't drool over this video.haha!

Limited to the first 50 entries only! Not to worry, we’ll have another Instant Cash Blogging session later this week! Don't be late or you will miss out your chance!


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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones




hmm… LOL…

For me,Smartphone are the ones that has their own brains and they could read our minds and do what we want without even touching it. They will have their own mind and do whatever they wants.




Dumb Phone… LOL…All phones are dumb… We users are the ones that controls it.In addition to that We Humans created it.if we call it dumb,aren't the creator is the the one to be blame for it??

Just think through.


Think about this picture below,what could you say about this?



(Picture Source:Jimmy)

All i could say is LMAO! *Smiles*