Sunday, November 21, 2010

Best song for Procrastinators

Grades Are Shite (Dynamite parody)Funny song.Enjoy!

Never stu-dy dy dy dy
Would rather be watching the Glee Glee Glee Glee
So boring lah this stupid Lit Lit Lit Lit
Hit the books at the last minute nit nit nit
yeh yeh
So last minute must cram and cram
What is the Cosine of ten?
You throw your paper in the air sometimes, saying AYO, sure get zero
No time to revise the last 3 chapters, saying AYO, sure get zero
You'd rather be online, facebook po po poking
On Farmville raising cows, now your grades are shite!
Now father told you once, then mother told you twice
See you never study, now your grades are shite!



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domokun said...

lol thats what i am doing now..><grrr

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