Monday, August 30, 2010

Disappearing car door


New Technology that will save space and even aviod dumb people from opening the car too hard! LoLz!.

Watch this!

Hope this technology will soon be out.

How far would i go for my love one.

With just words is just vague where any Tom,dick and harry could say the same thing. The best is by going through it and experience it.

But since its a blog,let me share what i have or would have done.

Always been wondering how did i enter into this Love sphere. Its awkward in the starting and as time goes by,things are getting better and better.Its has just been a few months and it seems it like going to be forever and i hope.


As what people said,its better to start as friends first than just straight going into one from a Stranger. Its kind of true. By knowing a person first ,you will understand the person better.

I am trying my best to be there whenever she needs me.The best experience i have is that being in front of her without she noticing.haha! she has been shock a few times.

By looking at the shocking face makes me feel great which i could do something like that.

I am just doing what i could for her,She is everything to me where nothing could replace her. I love her so much.

She is a kind girl where flooded me with gifts.Thanks for the lovely wallet and all other gifts my dear! Love it so

In addition to that,she is willing to do sacrifices which i love about her. She is willing to give up her previous lifestyle just for me which i am impressed.Which is totally impressive. Its hard for someone to do that but she has done it. Loving it.But sorry that my bad habits still around.Soweee!


She is also patience with me when i am crazy sometimes but i could see she is trying her best to cope with me.I hope it is all worth it. I am trying my best to keep the smile on your face everyday but some times i over do it and i am sorry.


One more thing that i happy that she trust me.That is all i could asked for.Thanks my dear.


How far would i go?

I will do anything for my dear if there is no boundaries. If there is any,i will still try my best to overcome it.

By appearing in front of her without her knowing is one of it.I hope by doing so will make her day.

It hurts me too when i see her sad or cry.

I am sorry if i did make you sad or cried.

I will do anything just to see you smile. Making you sad and hurting you is blacklisted in my to-do list.

I have seen you hurt too much and you deserve the best! Life is short and i hope i am able to make your day everyday!

I miss all the moments we shared and i hope there is more to come.


Till today,i hope i have done right and enough.All i want to say now is that i LOVE you so much !

Guess your number game

You will be amazed by the results.

Game pic 

Click the link at the bottom to play.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thinking of giving up? Look at this and think again



Did you fell low till you feel like you would better to die of?

Did you ever give up on life?

Did you feel yourself is useless?

Look at this video and be touch.Really! Have a look and you will know


Liu Wei - Armless Pianist

Let the video says everything!


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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Traditional Cure for Diabetes


Received a mail stating this,not sure it is true or not but it is worth trying

LIME 是青擰檬

My diabetes cured using this traditional recipe

Then I was 55 years old, one day suddenly I felt constant thirst and had the urge to drink more water, I also felt constant hunger even just after taking a meal, my legs often cramp and had severe cold sweat.  I went for a check up and the doctor diagnosed Diabetes, sometimes it reached 250 and it worried me so much.  Doctor prescribed some medication and I was on medication for 2.5 years.
My brother who was staying in Malaysia was very concerned, he was a successful businessman.  I went to visit my brother and sister when I was 57 yrs old and my brother told me he was given a traditional treatment recipe for diabetes which was claimed to be very effective.  As a Hokkienese who suffered Diabetes for 25 years, previously his had complication and was unable to walk, but now he was cured.

Here's the Recipe :
Steam 4 limes (green lime) together with 1 chicken without head and tail), cut limes into half, add some salts and water level just to cover the chicken.  I was given this 4 times during my stay in Malaysia.
The taste was not very good but i still took it in hope of curing the disease.  I took me 1 week to finish a chicken (1 recipe), sometimes i drank it as a soup or for supper.
After 2 months I returned to Taiwan and had a medical check up again, the doctor advised me to stop my Diabetes medication as the blood sugar plunged to below the standard count.  He couldn't believe it when I told him what I took.  From then on I did constant blood check and it was normal.  So for prevention, sometimes I still had it once in a while.  Lime was not available in Taiwan at that time and my brother sent them to me from Malaysia.
I am now 71 years old, and there's no recurrence.  During this time I have been staying in Canada, the USA and I have been healthy diet and the chicken lime recipe once in a while which saves my life.
As the ingredients are all natural, there's no harm at all to have a try and please spread this to your friends or whoever needs it.

Not sure does it works or not,but its worth trying!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What you need to know about Onions



Very Important ....especially for those who love to cook and eat ONIONS!!!!!!


非常重要 ....特別是喜歡烹調及吃洋蔥的人!!!


In 1919 when the flu killed 40 million people there was this Doctor that visited the many farmers to

see if he could help them combat the flu. Many of the farmers and their family had contracted it

and many died.

1919 年,當流感造成了四千萬人死亡時,有一位醫生到各地農場去探視,看是


The doctor came upon this one farmer and to his surprise, everyone was very healthy. When the

doctor asked what the farmer was doing that was different the wife replied that she had placed an

unpeeled onion in a dish in the rooms of the home, (probably only two rooms back then). The

doctor couldn't believe it and asked if he could have one of the onions and place it under the

microscope. She gave him one and when he did this, he did find the flu virus in the onion. It

obviously absorbed the bacteria, therefore, keeping the family healthy.







Now, I heard this story from my hairdresser in NZ. She said that several years ago many of her

employees were coming down with the flu and so were many of her customers. The next year she

placed several bowls with onions around in her shop. To her surprise, none of her staff got sick. It

must work... ( And no, she is not in the onion business.)




用 … (真的,她並不做洋蔥的生意。)

The moral of the story is, buy some onions and place them in bowls around your home. If you work

at a desk, place one or two in your office or under your desk or even on top somewhere. Try it and

see what happens. We did it last year and we never got the flu.




If this helps you and your loved ones from getting sick, all the better. If you do get the flu, it just

might be a mild case.



Whatever, what have you to lose? Just a few bucks on onions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now there is a P. S. to this for I sent it to a friend in Oregon who regularly contributes material to me

on health issues. She replied with this most interesting experience about onions :



Thanks for the reminder. I don't know about the farmers story...but, I do know that I contacted

pneumonia and needless to say I was very ill...I came across an article that said to cut both ends off

an onion put one end on a fork and then place the forked end into an empty jar...placing the jar next

to the sick patient at night. It said the onion would be black in the morning from the germs... sure

enough it happened just like that...the onion was a mess and I began to feel better.





A nother thing I read in the article was that onions and garlic placed around the room saved many

from the black plague years ago. They have powerful antibacterial, antiseptic properties.


But here is the other important side to remember.




I have used an onion which has been left in the fridge, and sometimes I don't use a whole one at

one time, so save the other half for later.



Now with this info, I have changed my mind.....will buy smaller onions in the future.

如今有了這些資訊,我會改變策略 ......日後買些較細小的洋蔥。

I had the wonderful privilege of touring Mullins Food Products, Makers of mayonnaise. Mullins is

huge, and is owned by 11 brothers and sisters in the Mullins family. My friend, Jeanne, is the


有幸地我參觀 Mullins Food Products 工廠,沙拉油的生產商。Mullins 工廠很大,

由 Mullins 家族的 11 位兄弟姊妹共同擁有。我的朋友 Jeanne 是那兒的行政總裁。

Questions about food poisoning came up, and I wanted to share what I learned from a chemist.


The guy who gave us our tour is named Ed. He's one of the brothers. Ed is a chemistry expert and

is involved in developing most of the sauce formula.. He's even developed sauce formula for


為我們作嚮導的是 Ed。他是家族的其中一位成員。 Ed 是一位化學專家,大部份




Keep in mind that Ed is a food chemistry whiz. During the tour, someone asked if we really needed

to worry about mayonnaise. People are always worried that mayonnaise will spoil. Ed's answer will

surprise you. Ed said that all commercially- made Mayo is completely safe.

記住 Ed 是一位食品化學能手。參觀期間,某人詢問我們是否需要擔心沙拉油。

人們經常擔心沙拉油會變壞。 Ed 的答案令人感到意外。 Ed 說所有在市場上售賣


"It doesn't even have to be refrigerated. No harm in refrigerating it, but it's not really necessary." He

explained that the pH in mayonnaise is set at a point that bacteria could not survive in that

environment. He then talked about the quaint essential picnic, with the bowl of potato salad sitting

on the table and how everyone blames the mayonnaise when someone gets sick.





Ed says that when food poisoning is reported, the first thing the officials look for is when the 'victim'

last ate ONIONS and where those onions came from (in the potato salad?). Ed says it's not the

mayonnaise (as long as it's not homemade Mayo) that spoils in the outdoors. It's probably the

onions, and if not the onions, it's the POTATOES.

Ed 說,當收到食物中毒的報告後,調查員首先會詢問 '中毒者 '最後一次吃洋蔥是

什麼時間和那些洋蔥是從那裡來的(在馬鈴薯沙拉中?) Ed 說問題並非出自處



He explained, onions are a huge magnet for bacteria, especially uncooked onions. You should

never plan to keep a portion of a sliced onion. He says it's not even safe if you put it in a zip-lock

bag and put it in your refrigerator.



It's already contaminated enough just by being cut open and out for a bit, that it can be a danger to

you (and doubly watch out for those onions you put in your hotdogs at the baseball park!)



Ed says if you take the leftover onion and cook it like crazy you'll probably be okay, but if you slice

that leftover onion and put on your sandwich, you're asking for trouble. Both the onions and the

moist potato in a potato salad, will attract and grow bacteria faster than any commercial

mayonnaise will even begin to break down.

Ed 說如果將餘下來的洋蔥完全烹熟可能還可以,但如果將餘下來的洋蔥切開放





So, how's that for news? Take it for what you will. I (the author) am going to be very careful about

my onions from now on. For some reason, I see a lot of credibility coming from a chemist and a

company that produces millions of pounds of mayonnaise every year.'




Also, dogs should never eat onions. Their stomachs cannot metabolize onions .....

同時,切勿給狗隻吃洋蔥。它們的胃部不能消化洋蔥 ......

Please remember it is dangerous to cut onions and try to use it to cook the next day, it becomes

highly poisonous for even a single night and creates Toxic bacteria which may cause Adverse

Stomach infections because of excess Bile secretions and even Food poisoning.



Please pass it on to all you love and care.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation


Resident Evil:AfterLife is here ! where every one is waiting for.

how would i go against the evil Umbrella Corporation if i am Alice or Claire?

That is a hard one where one person going against the whole organization as a whole but if there is a will,there is a way.

With virus infection spreading is a river flows,it makes the task even harder when undead are all around which may cause me to get bitten in anytime around. Firstly,to move around town,i will get a tank probably to be on the safe side when travelling around. As shown from the picture below. With a solid armor,i could just ram through anything blocking my way like cars,busses and especially the deadly UNDEADS!

To stay alive in a world full of undead,The weapon that i wish to have just to stay safe is the Carbine as seen in Halo 3. The weapon has an  oppressive firepower which will definitely kills anything that gets in its way. The weapon picture as shown below.

With sufficient information and equipments have,it is impossible to stop me now where to reach my destination,i could use the tank to ram through all the mess. If i need to run through on feet,i got my carbine to blast through all things that comes into my way.

At least it is real enough as a normal human to do so.Without adding super powers.

If with super powers,i just wish i could have the ability of time travel and also stop time like what we could see in heroes.

With the ability,i could go back to the start or the cause of this epidemic. I also could even stop time and  solve everything before anyone could notice.

Even more extreme,i could teleport! ,i could teleport to the person that started this and just kill him off with just a cut in the neck!

That is IF i had super powers but…… None…..


The easiest solution is that, i just could use a plane and just drop an atomic bomb or nuclear bomb which could just clear everything.

Same thing as happen before in Hiroshima on it at 8:15 A.M. on August 6, 1945 when world war II is reaching the end.

This could be one of the best method to clear the undead and avoiding getting bitten when you are high up.

This could definitely save the trouble of killing the undead one by one. The time save ,i could use it to solve all the problem cause.

Or even go directly to the corporation itself and drop the bomb on it. Solves everything!


Resident Evil: Afterlife synopsis,

In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice (Jovovich), continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety. Her deadly battle with the Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, but Alice gets some unexpected help from an old friend. A new lead that promises a safe haven from the Undead takes them to Los Angeles, but when they arrive the city is overrun by thousands of Undead - and Alice and her comrades are about to step into a deadly trap.

Some picture of the movie.



Before i end the post,here i include a trailer of the movie,


It has deemed to be world’s most ADVANCED 3D technology! (James Cameroon’s AVATAR camera system technology).

Just cant miss it!


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Sunday, August 1, 2010

‘Why Vampires Suck?’

Haha! Finally some one who dislikes vampire comes out with this!

Vampire movie has been liked by most girls and even guys.

The recent movies are like twilight,new moon,eclipse,vampire’s assistant and MORE!

Cant wait to watch this!

Now you will know why they S**K!

Just imagine,from recent stories that we know,there comes all these vampire stories.

Sucking BLOOD! , Animal BLOOD,blood is still blood! What is the difference?

Vampires are  mainly Blood suckers that only comes out at night to feast on their preys but you see what the movies has made it into!

As in Twilight,you could see ,they have powers like super strength,ability to see the future, and more!

WTH!? Vampire where got all that skills? In movies,everything comes true!

Haha one more thing! Standing under the sun will reveal their shining BODY? LAMEness!


The real vampire will die if they stand under the sun! Why in the movies just their body Shine and not top from their head to toe? FAKE!

OR even die off under the shinning sun?


Thats my point of view,you could disagree! Please go ahead.

The movie vampire sucks really will tell you why is does~!