Monday, November 15, 2010

I love Pizza Hut’s Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza

editedAs you can see ,i am part of the Extreme Cheesy 6! 

I have been a cheese lover for quite sometime. See through my Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy 6 pizza experience and you will know why.

Went to Midvalley Pizza Hut recently.

edited 1

Pizza Hut menu! Lots of choice and a little time to make my decision!

edited 2

Look at the crowd! Long queue and counting!

PB130003 PB130007

There is even a monitor shows the amount of people that are currently dining in!

This is a wonderful experience where the monitor shows the amount of people that are currently on the table and the duration that they are on the table!



Order CHIT~!


This is the poster that says it all! ^^,


6 cheese JeM

It is Loaded with Cheddar,Mozzarella,Parmesan,Provolone,Monterey Jack and Romano!

It is a perfect blend of 6 different cheeses for the ultimate cheesy experience like no other.


PB130015 PB130012

This is a new system where allow one to call for the bill and for service.

The service for MidValley outlet is prompt! I enjoy my experience there already!

 edited 3

The environment at pizza hut!

PB130017 PB130018 PB130021

7up Revive which come with the meal!

PB130019 PB130026

Mushroom soup and garlic bread!

  131120101037 131120101040

One soup is never enough!

edited 4

 131120101051 PB130033

Yum! the Cheese is still melting! Tempting!


One slice at a time!

edited 5 

Before and after ( below)

edited 6



Even the waiter and waitress is also wearing the apron about the extreme cheesy 6! It making ME CRAZEEEE!



The End! ^^,

Before i end,have a look at the TV commercial!




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