Saturday, November 6, 2010



Do you ever wonder,with such a long MAGICAL golden hair,What could you do?

For me,it will be the best of all! I could multi-task where normally i could not. 

I could talk on the phone with my friends with my hair holding the phone,doing my work on the desktop,listening to the radio and more.

With a long hair,i could do more with much lesser time.


Don’t you all feel stress when you all stuck in the traffic jam all the time? it has been a norm where every Malaysian will face when driving on the road.With traffic jams,time are wasted and sometimes it could last for more than an hour! Don’t you wish you could do more with the time wasted??

With a long magical golden hair,i could swing my hair circles like a propeller and just fly.

With the right speed,i could just go anywhere without needing to stuck in the traffic jams.

You could reduce using the word “ ON THE WAY” when you are still at home getting ready . ( Malaysian culture) haha!

And you could be free of people nagging you ,why are you late.

You will never be late again and let your boss get on Fire again!

No more replies like “ because of the traffic jam lah!”.


With such a long and magical hair,

I could use my hair to Stop theft too.

Just wonder,do you ever being involved in a snatch theft or just watch one just happen in front of your eyes?

Ever had the feeling that you want to help the victim out ?


I do! Just imagine that if the snatcher is on a bike,it is hardly you could catch him with your own two feet.They may have just speed off through roads where even car cant even can go through.

What if i had a LONG MAGICAL golden hair,i could control it to stop the evil monsters from speeding away and the rate of crime could be reduce where the thieves know that there is another HERO in town!

Don't you all agree with that?


This is one of the picture of me having a bad hair day.

That's SAD! EPIC!

With such a bad hair,my day is GONE!

Even my hamster Humphrey got a better hair than me!


Oh ya! Here i include an Official trailer of Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale


Never forget!

It not just Movie Premiere Screening,there is more up for grab!

PsssT! ..  40 most creative blog post will win you a pair of invites BUT! there is more!

THere are prizes up for grab for the most interesting/ creative  blog post!

Any Idea what is the pressies? haha

You will never expect it!

Its a Nintendo Wii for the BEST of all

and 3 “Nina” by Nina Ricci Fragrance for the runner-ups!

So what are you all waiting for?

Start your engine and may the best blog POST WIN!

To know more about this wonderful contest and movie screening,please visit Nuffnang website @


All thanks to



Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia



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