Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 6 My Favourite Sport – P.A S 2

Is sleeping a sport??? LOL….One day we hope! Lets get into the point!

My favorite sport is definitely football where everyone share a common interest together with everyone around the world. That's what we call a global interest which hardly there will be a match.

Some people may say it is a stupid sport where Twenty two people in the field chasing for one ball. But we exercise  and sweat! Doesn’t that mean exercise??  This is debatable.

The history of Football is just a normal past time game which employees do during their breaks! But what we have today? a global Sport which share by all walks of life! Saw this in one of the article that i read about globalization.

haha! Reading really helps! =p

Recently Manchester United lost to Chelsea! Sad case! Without Rooney,they are Vulnerable.Their title hope is edge between Chelsea on the top with two points gap and Arsenal below them which they will stand a chance on the title if both Teams will slip up.

2nd leg of the Champions league against bayern munich without Rooney,what could possibly happen? We are in doubts… Could Dimitar Berbatov save red devils??

Lets wait and see! Fingers Cross!



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