Monday, April 19, 2010

P.A.S.2.Week 8- My Version of Grooming Tips

Grooming tips??


Hmm.Everyone have their own style when it come to grooming tips..

For me,i groom much. For me,natural is always the best. Grooming a little will be fine.

But over if we over do it,it will be “fake”! Not our self anymore.

For me ,grooming a little to make us neat is already good enough for me. Too much,it will give people different perception.Natural beauty is always the best.

But if i need to choose,for a guy,short hair, and clean clothes.

For the Female side,it is also the same. Clean hair,clean clothes and light make up which will makes everything complete.

I may not be good in grooming,but i know the basics..


With the Adidas action 3 spray,everything will never be the same.Confidence will increase ultimately

Tried the purple one,nice scent.


Partially,the word grooming,sounds like pet shop grooming centre.

It is great when grooming is becoming a good business . For instance ,i went to a shop at Taman Megah.A pet shop that provides wonderful grooming and also hotel. It cute to give pets shower and grooming.

Leave it to the professional.

Check out the video of Project Alpha season 2

Trailer of Season 2


Project Alpha Season 2 episode 1

*Reunion of Top bloggers from Project Alpha season 1, at Kuching.

Way to there.

Project Alpha Season 2 episode 2 !

Touch down to kuching! And Jojo got Stuck at the immigration!


Final episode for this post! Project Alpha Season 2 episode 3!

Workout Time!


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