Monday, April 12, 2010

P.A.S.2-Week 7 -No Strings Attached

The first thing i could imagine when i see the title is about relationship.

No string attach could mean single and available.Sometimes being single has the benefits due to the amounts of complains i could hear from my friends about the bad experience they face in the relationship.

One of the funny thing about one of my friends is.She always need care a love and always complaining that she is lonely and needs someone to be attached to her. However when she has someone attached to her,she start complaining that the relationship S** and lots of issue that she face.

Haihz… People these days…

Don't you all agree with me??


Another thing that cross my mind is P1 Wimax Wifi where it is wireless and we could connect to the internet world without any problems finding for a place that offers wifi.In addition to all of that surfing in coffee shop,we need to spend money on the drinks before we could enjoy the internet connection.Thanks to P1 Wimax,we could enjoy the borderless connection anytime of the day.

There are more we could talk about but i will end it here.

Got more things to do,want to know more? chat with me! =)

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