Monday, February 22, 2010

PappaRich quality varies with outlets

This is the front view of the restaurant in Kota Damansara.

* Look at the guy standing in front of the shop,He is a blogger name Jimmy ( Wearing a brown shirt with wordings that states “ Just My Type”)

Due to Chinese New Year Celebration,PappaRich change thier method of taking order which makes them similar with Old-Town kopitiam.That is not unique anymore.

JeM- JeM-

Buzzer and Order Chit



(PJ Branch for Tea Big)

When the order came,The quality of the drinks that i ordered is way worst than the one i have at PJ branch.For the Kota Damansara Branch,the Taste of the Tea is bitter,looks no different from a mamak stall Teh Tarik, and the presentation of the Tea FAILED!.

As from the picture above,it was taken from the PJ outlet during my recent visit. To compare with the Kota Damansara Branch,Minus the foam and view of milk still at the bottom.


One positive thing i could say about the Kota Damansara outlet is the Hand Dryer.


Overall,if i do be around that area,i would not be dropping by for a glass of Tea.

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atreyu strange said...

Papparich is brancing out but I've not been to one yet. I heard that they're not much different from Old Town.. Hmm..

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