Thursday, February 4, 2010

Attempted Robbery At Damansara Heights

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This incident happen around 1 am where the victim just finished work around that time.On the way home,the victim encounter with 5 motorcycle when he reach a traffic light that has just turn red. Out in a bliss,one of the rider from the motorcycle came down and walk towards the driver seat window.The next thing is,the person took out a rod and smash the victim window (as shown from the picture above) and attempt to hurt and rob the victim of his belongings. Luckily before the second attempt to rob the victim,the victim managed to floor on and speed off. The five motorcycle did give a chase but give up after a short distance. The victim was lucky where the rod narrowly missed the victim’s head and avoided any injuries.

This incident could happen to anybody,so be careful when driving alone during the night where it deemed to happen more often during this hour of the day.

So sent this link to your friends and family or just inform them about this incident.

Be careful and take care.


emily t. said...

omg thats horrible! luckily the windows are tinted.. i should get mine tint as well =/

JeM said...

Heard that 3M got the Anti-Theft tint,should go check it out.

Aj said...

Human mind getting dangerous

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