Sunday, March 28, 2010

Petronas Twin Tower in support for earth hour 2010

It was lights-off by 8.30pm at the Petronas Twin Towers Saturday night as the 2010 Earth Hour was observed for an hour.

All non-essential lights at Suria KLCC, including the retail centre’s facade, were turned off for a full 60 minutes. Many retailers and eateries were seen joining in the global conservation effort and patrons were seen dining by candlelight.

By 7.45pm, the compound of Suria KLCC was filled with thousands of people, all eagerly waiting for the lights of the twin towers to be switched off, section by section.

The crowd started to cheer as the lights were switched off starting from the upper section of the towers.

A group of six college students stood out in the crowd as they lit up tea-light candles, arranged in the shape of the figure “60”, symbolizing the Earth Day hour-long lights-off.

A video on 2009’s effort.

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