Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RM25,000 for a 1940 bicycle


Vintage bicycle collector Tan Kok Siew spent a whopping RM25,000 on a World War II 1940 BSA Airborne Bicycle which he bought from a friend in England.

But it was worth every penny, according to Tan. “It may be a ridiculous price to pay for a bicycle but cycling has been my hobby since I was a young boy.

The Birmingham-made bicycle with a 26-inch diameter tyre was among 18 vintage on show at the event.

Among the other attractive bicycles on display were a foldable 1954 Porta Silk Bicycle from Tokyo, Japan with a high V-shaped handle bar; a 1952 Philips Postman Bicycle from Nottingham, England, with a broad mailbag frame in front and a 1951 MG Sports Small Bicycle, also from Nottingham, with a broad handlebar.


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