Thursday, October 7, 2010

You Again?

a person whom I didn’t really like in your past?

Oh okie..Her name is J.

She got together with me during form 3 if i am not wrong.

The weird part is,it is not her own effort but being force by her elder sister to get together.

Being with her for a few months,things got shakey and we break up after a few months.To be more specific,could be the starting of form 4.

As years passes by,we are still friends and still hanging out once in a blue moon.

As a friend,she is telling me stuff about her relationship going wrong.

I lend her an ear all the time. Always been give comments and encouragement to move on in life .

To stay positive and there are more better guys out there.

I just treated her as her friend but she take it the wrong way.

She ask me for a second chance after C rejected her and she feel sad. Izznt that call a rebound???

After a few years,she went into a relationship again and again both her and Z has issue which she finds me to talk about.

I lend her an ear again to hear her problems and give her solutions. After the session. She tells me she fall for me again!


Then she ask me for a third chance and more chances to get together till i lost count. ( Just imagine How desperate could she BE!)

The only thing that crosses my mind is “ YOU AGAIN?????????????”! . 

*Still i reject*


With this title of the movie,it reminds me of that.haha!

Cant wait to watch this movie.

As below is a poster of the movie.


With all this famous actress , i wouldn't want to miss this movie.

Before i end my post,have a look at the trailer,



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