Sunday, August 1, 2010

‘Why Vampires Suck?’

Haha! Finally some one who dislikes vampire comes out with this!

Vampire movie has been liked by most girls and even guys.

The recent movies are like twilight,new moon,eclipse,vampire’s assistant and MORE!

Cant wait to watch this!

Now you will know why they S**K!

Just imagine,from recent stories that we know,there comes all these vampire stories.

Sucking BLOOD! , Animal BLOOD,blood is still blood! What is the difference?

Vampires are  mainly Blood suckers that only comes out at night to feast on their preys but you see what the movies has made it into!

As in Twilight,you could see ,they have powers like super strength,ability to see the future, and more!

WTH!? Vampire where got all that skills? In movies,everything comes true!

Haha one more thing! Standing under the sun will reveal their shining BODY? LAMEness!


The real vampire will die if they stand under the sun! Why in the movies just their body Shine and not top from their head to toe? FAKE!

OR even die off under the shinning sun?


Thats my point of view,you could disagree! Please go ahead.

The movie vampire sucks really will tell you why is does~!

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