Monday, August 30, 2010

How far would i go for my love one.

With just words is just vague where any Tom,dick and harry could say the same thing. The best is by going through it and experience it.

But since its a blog,let me share what i have or would have done.

Always been wondering how did i enter into this Love sphere. Its awkward in the starting and as time goes by,things are getting better and better.Its has just been a few months and it seems it like going to be forever and i hope.


As what people said,its better to start as friends first than just straight going into one from a Stranger. Its kind of true. By knowing a person first ,you will understand the person better.

I am trying my best to be there whenever she needs me.The best experience i have is that being in front of her without she noticing.haha! she has been shock a few times.

By looking at the shocking face makes me feel great which i could do something like that.

I am just doing what i could for her,She is everything to me where nothing could replace her. I love her so much.

She is a kind girl where flooded me with gifts.Thanks for the lovely wallet and all other gifts my dear! Love it so

In addition to that,she is willing to do sacrifices which i love about her. She is willing to give up her previous lifestyle just for me which i am impressed.Which is totally impressive. Its hard for someone to do that but she has done it. Loving it.But sorry that my bad habits still around.Soweee!


She is also patience with me when i am crazy sometimes but i could see she is trying her best to cope with me.I hope it is all worth it. I am trying my best to keep the smile on your face everyday but some times i over do it and i am sorry.


One more thing that i happy that she trust me.That is all i could asked for.Thanks my dear.


How far would i go?

I will do anything for my dear if there is no boundaries. If there is any,i will still try my best to overcome it.

By appearing in front of her without her knowing is one of it.I hope by doing so will make her day.

It hurts me too when i see her sad or cry.

I am sorry if i did make you sad or cried.

I will do anything just to see you smile. Making you sad and hurting you is blacklisted in my to-do list.

I have seen you hurt too much and you deserve the best! Life is short and i hope i am able to make your day everyday!

I miss all the moments we shared and i hope there is more to come.


Till today,i hope i have done right and enough.All i want to say now is that i LOVE you so much !

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