Friday, April 11, 2014




Abbreviation for: you only live once

Life is Short , Why not do what ever you want and do the best about it.

Stressing yourself out is not the solution. If you keep it inside and it will spoil your mood for the whole day or even everyday till the issue is solved.


Till today i Trust the phase “ Go with the Flow” where go along with the current situation rather than make a never ending page of pro and Cons of making a decision. If there is some Hiccup it between, we can learn from it and be better.

Just think, what if you did not “Go with the Flow”? Will you learn the same thing as some one did.

And at the end of the day,you will be at stage 1 and never pass 2.

Thinking about something too long will just make the best things in life fades away .

Good things in life does not waits forever for you BUT you can wait forever for it.

Does 2014 comes every year?

Does you 21 birthday comes every year?

True or not? You tell me.

Life is short. Just do it. Break the rules. But know the boundaries .

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