Tuesday, April 26, 2011

“Our World, Their War”



Tell us how you would defy the Autobots and destroy the world, and which Decepticons character you would like to transform into to destroy the world?

Easy! Firstly the character i would like to transform into is RAVAGE!


I could be launched to earth through a soundwave, isn't that amazing. Travelling through sound?.http://jemz-t.blogspot.com/

The best part of this character is that it could release  thousands of “ball bearings” which will take over any electronic stuff that comes into its way. If each time it releases a thousand and new thousand robots is born,the earth will be filled with deceptions robots. It could be in any sizes. Isn’t that a strong plan to beat the autobots. muahahahahahha!

This is how the story goes, i will release all this electronics ball bearings that could take over any electronic machines.the only most reliable  and strong ones is cars! http://jemz-t.blogspot.com/

I may just release all this ball bearings that will take over the cars that we can see on the road.In a car form,even the Autobots wont realize that a war is awaiting them right in front of their eyes.


Even proton WAJA can be transform ! Malaysia Boleh!


Proton Savvy,TRANSFORM!




Perodua Myvi,TRANSFORM!




With thousands and thousands of robots under the Decepticons,Nothing is impossible.

Hitting the Autobots every corner of the earth,YOU R DOOM! MuahahahhahahahaaA!

If i am not in luck to transform,I will just use the GSC-EON Bank credit card to purchase the tix! =)


Not in action but watch the action..Nothing to lose!


Support the Decepticons!

Earth shall fall!

But what is the chances?

Will it be different this time?

Watch the movie and we will know! =)

Before that, get a taste of it by watching the trailer,

There you go,




That is not all,there are more to win !



This picture is contradicting! Where is the Decepticons VERSION! 

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