Wednesday, January 5, 2011

“If I Were the Green Hornet”

Green Hornet


tell us what you would do to stop crime.

To stop crime?? I will use satellite to search for crimes and with the help of the police ( Malaysian Police???),I could get instant info on crimes where about.

green_hummer 1 30.Green-Kawasaki-ZXR-1200-Superb

The easiest way to move about is by using a motorbike. So i will use that to hunt down those criminals. In addition to that,i will own a stealth jet to move around quietly! ( Trying to be logic here ) XD

To be a bulldozer,Green Hummer! Bulldoze with speed!




I will own a green sniper which will instantly solve everything from far range.Without people noticing me.IF needed.

Silent Killer. haha.

Other than that, Just be brave and do your best! Its 2011! New year,New Resolution,Save the world! LOL!


My associate! For male enemies. ! Persuasive and seductive! haha

Thats all i need to save the day. What else do i Need?



Greeeeeeen Iphone . LOL!

GO Greeen!

I bet i will be the ambassador for going green.



Before i end,Here you go a trailer of the movie.


Seth Rogen , Cameron Diaz  AND Jay Chou is in! Dont miss it!

Thats not all,there are prizes Up for GRAB!

A Sony Walkman worth RM 299! up for Grab for the best Blog Post!,So get ur fingers WORKING!


Thats not all there are exclusive Green Hornet merchandise up for grabs too,

4x T-Shirt worth RM250 each
4x Tyre Maintenance Set worth RM250 each


Dont miss out!

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